New Year Intentions

As we approach a new year, I’ve started to reflect on the year 2020 (not an easy task), and also start to plan and prepare for 2021. I have never been a fan of new year resolutions. We tend to aim too high, and don’t have a clear plan or path to actually get to our goals. Then, we get disappointed in ourselves and all that negative self-talk comes in. I’ve been guilty of this too, I think everyone does it because we get really excited about a new beginning and a “fresh start” and we forget that we are only actually human, and nothing changes all that quickly (le sigh).

Anyway, I’d like to propose an easier way of living. Instead of setting resolutions, why not set several small intentions? Some examples that I have come up with for myself this year are: be open to making new friends and reach out to one or a few new people; when faced with a choice, pick the healthy option; when exhausted and worn out, take time for myself and ask for help when needed; give myself permission to stop being such a perfectionist/people pleaser. I am super excited for all of these intentions, and they aren’t big life changing goals. They are just small things that I can do for myself that will make me healthier and happier.

So what are your intentions for 2021? Let me know in the comments or email me:

I’d love to hear from you, and if you are interested in learning more about your MBTI type, I’m here for that as well! See my personality type consultation tab on my webpage.

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