The Personality Type Temperament and Spirituality

The concept of personality type temperament and spirituality has come up a lot in the course of my day to day discussions this week, so I thought I’d share some thoughts on it and ask for some feedback. Let me know if you agree or disagree in the comments or email me at I am genuinely interested to know what you all think!

It seems very likely that spirituality manifests itself in different forms based on your personality temperament.

  • For example, as an NF, I believe that for me, spirituality comes to me in the form of connecting to a deeper meaning, or a higher power, whatever that might be and then using learning as a deeper way to get closer to that meaning.
  • For SF’s, they prefer a sense of community and connection to said community, and then they take their past experiences as a way to learn and apply values currently to connect with their concept of spirituality.
  • For NT’s, they need something that can relate new learning and concepts to, and the need the ability to discard what doesn’t make sense to them. They can then take all they have learned and create their own definition of spirituality.
  • For ST’s, they generally prefer rules and regulations about how to identify with spirituality. They may enjoy a sense of community, but within that, they need to be given clear guidelines as a way to connect to their own spirituality.

I know a lot about the NF temperament type given that I am an NF type, but let me know if you are any of the other temperaments, as I’d love to hear your thoughts. In fact, feel free to share if you are an NF as well, I love other perspectives! Feel free to leave a comment or email me:

Love always,

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