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As a certified MBTI® practitioner, I can help you to learn more about your MBTI® results. I am certified to go through your type with you and ask questions to find out more and together we can find your best fit type. Please take the assessment first, and remember to answer as things actually are, not how you wish them to be. There is no better type than another, all are created equal.

Have you taken a MBTI® assessment and are interested to learn more? Are you interested in connecting to your intuition with a life coach? Contact me.

Personality Type Consultation

The MBTI® was created from psychoanalyst Carl Jung’s research and type theory. It is based on the theory that everyone is born with an innate personality, and we must learn how to use these types to be at peace with others, and to create a more understanding and loving universe.

Would you like to learn more about yourself and those you are in relationships with? Learning your personality type helps you to determine careers that may work best for you, and it also helps you learn about yourself, as well as how best to get along with others. Your preferred type gives you a lot of information, including how you make decisions, how you process information, and how you take in outside information, among other things. It helps to understand how to work and have relationships with others with different preferred types. It’s also essential for wellness and self care. To determine what you need to be your best self, you must first understand yourself.

Link to take the FREE assessment: Jung MBTI Typology Test

I offer one-hour sessions by Zoom or by phone for $100 each. You can purchase a pack of 3 sessions (if you want to dive deep) for $250. I accept payment via PayPal.

Email me to schedule a consultation! If you would like to learn more first, we can schedule a 15-minute free consultation if you’d like to learn more about what I can do for you.


When I started this blog, I was solely going to focus on Personality Type Consultations. However, I have found that I am able to help people on a deeper, life level. If you are interested in life coaching with me, I am offering this as well. I am happy to start with your MBTI consultation, or we can go directly to coaching!

Have you felt disconnected from you intuition for a long time, but know there is something within you trying to guide you through life? If you are interested in connecting to your intuition and someone to work through life challenges with through the lens of your personality type, I am your person. Please reach out to me for questions. Sessions are held via Zoom.

1 Session = $75 and I accept payment via PayPal

Email me to schedule a coaching session! If you would like to learn more first, we can schedule a 15-minute free consultation if you’d like to learn more about what I can do for you.

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