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Twilight Zoning

21 hasn’t been quite that innovative. The creative energy that was expanding everyone’s minds in 2020 has been put into all the projects it needed to be put into. As a result, I feel the stagnant energy and boredom shining through.

We Are All Human, and We All Have “Stuff”

I’ve been reminded again and again over the last few days how easy it is to disassociate from people we don’t know. It’s easy to think that people we don’t know don’t have any issues or pain, and on an even farther scale, that they are actually somehow evil or bad. The thing is, we are all human. We all go through this thing called life, and not a single person has it easy. We are all here to learn and grow and figure out what the meaning is for each of us. No one has the right to determine that for anyone else. 

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