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5 Strengths Finder

Have you ever wondered what roles you are best suited for? What work and what your purpose in life is? I found the strengths finder website through work of all places, but I found it to be very enlightening.

Deleting Social Media

Happy Sunday everyone! I have done something recently, thanks to my desire to take back my power in terms of what controls my attention and takes up most of my time. I have deleted ALL social media off of my phone. Let me tell you, it has only been a week, but it is life changing.

Personality Traits – Genetic or Learned?

I had a discussion with my s/o about this and he brought up the great point that your brain creates neural pathways, and as a program runs that neural pathway over and over, it gets worn into your brain (this is proven scientific fact). In that instance, this could potentially create a personality trait because when your brain is presented with information, your brain will run its natural worn path.

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