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Boundaries come from a place of deep love. Yes, they come from self-care, but they actually come from deep love of the other person/people as well. When we set boundaries, it is a realistic expectation, and it comes from a realistic state of being.

Living in the Past or Future

I’ve been doing A Course in Miracles, and started in on lesson eight today. Most of these concepts are ones I already apply to most of my thoughts and everyday life, but they are great reminders to pay attention to that pesky narrative that your thinking mind tries to impose on you. Today’s lesson isContinue reading “Living in the Past or Future”

Introversion versus Shyness

In our society, the word “shy” seems to be the go-to word for anyone who seems quiet. People notice those who don’t speak much, and instantly label them shy. However, there is a big difference in the meaning of shy and introversion. Additionally, social anxiety tends to go along with shyness, not necessarily introversion. 

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