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INFJ/INTJ Relationships

Happy Sunday!  In continuing with the relationship series after a brief hiatus, today I will discuss INFJ’s with INTJ’s. I am intentionally starting with INFJ (as my own type) but will expand out from there. Please let me now if there is a type pairing you are interested in, and I am happy to write a bit about it!  Again, remember toContinue reading “INFJ/INTJ Relationships”

When to Take Breaks

-Do you ever feel like you are really low on energy? Or just downright tired? 
-Do you feel like you are wading through mud, or your brain feels foggy? 
-Do you ever think you might want to take a break, but then struggle with knowing if it is actually the best thing for you or not? 

INFJ/ENFP Relationships

A common pairing for INFJ is ENFP. The similarities between the two types are the “NF” middle two letters, also called the mental function in MBTI. A lot of people see the middle two letters as very important to have in common, because typically people with the same mental functions will have a similar objective in life, and view of the world. For instance, NF’s tend to look for a deeper meaning and connection with people and everything endeavor in life.

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