Manifestation Snapback

Given that the new year has just begun, there have been so many classes and articles on manifesting. If you haven’t heard of manifesting, it’s basically telling the universe that you already have what you desire, and by affirming that it is true, your dreams start to manifest. It’s a lot more complex than that, but that’s the basic version. In this article, I am going to assume some familiarity with it, but please look it up if you are curious to learn about it.

Now, we’ve all had those moments when we are manifesting the heck out of our dreams, but suddenly someone we know and love well (our best friend, our mom, our significant other) suddenly gets angry at us. Or we don’t get that promotion we hoped for at work. Or something as simple as getting hurt, for example, I fell off my bike the other day and felt crippled for an entire week.

I like to call this conundrum manifestation snapback. It’s when we are going along smoothly with our new hopes and dreams, and we’ve put it all out there to the universe (thank you Universe for everything you are doing for me!) and then suddenly, something happens that makes you think “what the actual f***?”

I believe there are a number of reasons for this snapback (meaning the universe suddenly seems to be conspiring against you). First, when it comes to other people, you are technically cutting your old self off from them and the people in your life have the most to lose. They suddenly start to see you shining like a golden star, and they get upset because you are leaving them behind and have also forced them to take a cold, hard look at their own comfortable choices or beliefs. Another thing that happens is that your brain’s neural pathways try to pull you back to the normal pathway they are used to running. They almost start to short circuit because you are forcing them to run these new neural pathways, and the brain gets slightly confused and tries to pull you back to status quo. Lastly, I think the universe throws some challenges at you just to make sure you really mean what you are asking for. It’s kind of like a test – “does Susie really want a loving relationship? Maybe I can throw some drama her way to make sure she doesn’t want that instead.”

The solution to overcoming this snapback isn’t super easy. But what I have found over the years is that you must just. keep. going. When you notice the snapback, try not to have a break down, but try to work through it instead. Sometimes this involves letting some things go, even if it is painful. The more times you work through the snapback, the less persistent it becomes, and then voila! One day you have manifested your dreams and the snapback has disappeared.

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