Power vs. Force

Happy Sunday everyone! I have been reading the book “Power vs. Force” by David R. Hawkins, and it is fantastic. It’s an odd transition from muscle testing to the metaphysical, but it is based on scientific testing for proof and it is powerful. The book teaches that every person has their own level of energy calibration. Some people calibrate at a level of 500, which is love, and some calibrate at 50, which is shame. The highest that one can calibrate at is 1,000, and this level is called enlightenment, and only several people over the course of the universe have calibrated at that level; think Gandhi or Jesus. There are many levels that one can calibrate in between those examples, but the point is that we all have an energy calibration that we exist in and base our realities in.

I found it incredibly interesting that he mentions that people who calibrate at a high level (700-1,000) can bring thousands of people up several levels of their own calibration. As Mike Dooley, the author of “Notes from the Universe” puts it, “thoughts become things, but not all thoughts are the same.” Truly positive, altruistic thoughts bring up the level of calibration of people all around you. On the other hand, an extremely low calibration can bring many people down, however, the positive calibrations are much more powerful and strong than the negative.

Over time in history it has been proven that power is much more effective and positive than force. Force is used when people are calibrating at a lower level and are using force to exert their will on a certain community, or on the world at large.

Anyway, I highly recommend the book! Let me know if you have read it or are interested in reading it, and feel free to email me if you want to chat further: infinitetealskies@gmail.com

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Mike Dooley’s website: https://www.tut.com/

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