MBTI Types and Overwhelm

Everyone uses all eight letters of the MBTI. However, everyone also has a natural preference for one letter over the other, which makes up your four-letter type. When we use our preference letter that is not natural to us too often, this is what causes us stress. For example, an introvert who is in sales as a career may experience stress throughout the day, or exhaustion at the end of a long day, in which they had to speak and outwardly express themselves to many individuals. This does mean the introvert is not good at sales, it just means that they are living outside of their normal preference letter.

We can use MBTI to figure out why someone may have higher levels of stress and/or anxiety. Each four-letter preference type has its own cognitive functions. The first cognitive function in the stack is the one that each person will use the most and rely on to identify and relate to the world. Without going into too much detail here, there is also an inferior function, which is the fourth function in your cognitive function stack. When we are stressed or anxious, we can get into a cognitive function loop, meaning we are living life on repeat of our inferior function. For example, the INFJ’s (my type) cognitive functions are: introverted intuition, extroverted feeling, introverted thinking and extroverted sensing. So, extroverted sensing is my inferior function. When I am caught up in stress, I may overeat, over-exercise, and get caught up in overly sensing details in the external world when I am stressed. I get stressed when I am not able to relate to the world using introverted intuition, which can be for various reasons.

I will go deeper into these cognitive functions in the coming weeks here on the blog, but I wanted to give a high-level overview so that you can understand what I may be able to help you with as an MBTI practitioner. We can do an initial type assessment to find out your type, and then if you are interested, we can continue with life coaching, so that I can help you find your stressors and work through them.

I’d love your input and to hear what you think. What is your type and what makes you feel stressed? Please email me and let’s start a conversation!

Link to MBTI Training Institute: https://mbtitraininginstitute.myersbriggs.org/

Email me: infinitetealskies@gmail.com

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Happy Sunday!



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