Intuition versus Sensing

The most confusion in the Myers Briggs typing indicator, is typically the second letter of the four-letter types, N or S; intuition or sensing. A lot of times people use both, and are unsure which they use more of, and more often than not, I have found that this letter preference is hardest for opposite types to be accepting of, and accommodating of. 

To explain intuition, as an extreme example, think about the people who are always questioning the meaning of life. They live in the intangible world of theory and the abstract. To explain sensing, as again an extreme example, think of the person who lives in the five senses. When they are driving a car, for example, they are part of the car, they feel the car, they hear the car, they see how it looks and memorize what color it is. They live in the tangible world. 

Here is a list of words I came up with to show the opposition of the processing of each type intuition versus sensing, respectively; intangible versus tangible, mind versus body, 6th sense versus 5 senses, conceptual/abstract versus concrete, future oriented versus past & present oriented, searches for a deeper meaning versus focuses on current experience, big-picture versus specific.

Let me know if any of this resonates with you, and if you are still struggling with whether you take in information through intuition or through sensing. I’d love to know your thoughts and if this helped to clarify it for you or not! 

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