Why You Want to Know & Use MBTI to Live Your Best Life

I’ve decided to do a series on the Myers-Briggs Personality Type Indicator for the next several months. I thought I’d start today with a little bit about why you might want to know your MBTI type. Next week, I’ll discuss why you might want to know the type of others in your life. After that, I will explain a bit more about how you can use MBTI to apply these in your day-to-day life. Then, I will really get into specific types and the differences between them.

I want to start out with a reminder that all type preferences are equal. No type preference is better than another, and we all use each preference type in our day to day life. The big reason that you would want to know your preference type and to understand it, is that if you are living your life in another preference type letter consistently, this will cause you emotional and mental stress, and this is what leads to burn out, whether it be in your job, or relationships or any other areas of life.

Have you ever felt stressed for an extended period of time and felt unable to get out of that feeling, which then leads to extreme burn out? Or maybe you are currently experiencing this? You were likely living in a preference letter that isn’t indicative of your true preference type, and your psyche becomes stressed, and is trying to show you that it isn’t comfortable living in a preference type letter that suits you.

For a fairly obvious example, a person with a preference for introversion who is constantly forcing themselves to extrovert, will become tired and agitated after a certain period of time, as the mind continually tries to pull the person back to their natural way of being. The person with an introversion preference is not being recharged in the way that the brain requires. It would be the same for a person with a preference for extroversion trying to recharge using introversion. It won’t work for them, and the opposite of recharging will happen. This happens with all the preference types letters as well.

Therefore, the MBTI training institute says that no one has a preference for both letters (i.e. an ambivert) . Everyone uses all 8 letters on any given day; however, you have a natural preference for one letter over another. It is also great to establish your use of the opposite preference type letter but learning how to switch it off when you feel yourself get too stressed is key. This is where self-care really comes in and knowing when to take a break.

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Happy Sunday!


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