The Artisan Archetype

So…going back to my post a few weeks ago on the archetypes, I thought I’d share a bit about how each type has had its impact on me in life. Reminder that I am the server archetype. Today I’ll start with the artisans.

I naturally attract and am attracted to artisans. Most of my significant others have been artisans, and my current significant other is an artisan. My best friend is an artisan. They are fun, spontaneous people who live life by the seat of their pants. They don’t tend to gravitate to schedules or structure. In MBTI speak, they are usually “P”s, as in they have the perceiving function, versus the “J” function, which is judging. There is a lot of misconception about judging, it does not mean that people who are J types are judgmental. It means that they perceive the world through the lens of a set schedule and plan. Going back to artisans, who are typically perceivers, perceive situations before deciding or planning a course of action, where judgers like to have a plan in place before they have the opportunity to perceive the situation. Artisans like to be open and casual, with the ability to plan at the last second. My type indicator is “J”, which means planning something at the last minute is absolute torture for me. Artisans are great for me because they teach me to be more spontaneous, and not to worry so much if we don’t have every detail figured out and solved long before the actual event occurs. I appreciate artisans, and how creative and flexible they are. They are natural creators and inventors, and the world needs their beautiful souls. They have the ability to create and find solutions, even when their backs are up against the wall.

Look up the archetypes if you are curious which one you are, and feel free to leave a question or comment! Next week, I will write about the warrior archetype.

2 thoughts on “The Artisan Archetype

  1. This is super cool! I love learning about archetypes. I’m the artisan archetype and an INFJ and can’t wait to keep reading more of your thoughts in these topics.


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