Sensors versus Intuitives

Happy Sunday readers!

Today I am going to write about what I have really been doing these past few weeks….I am working on getting my MBTI certification! I am so excited and absolutely love learning about this revolutionary stuff. I just re-took the test and got strong preferences for the four letters that I always have tested as, INFJ.

I thought I’d talk about the differences between sensing and intuitive types, since I have found that these type differences are the most confusing for people to understand. I want to bust one myth – that intuitives are creative and sensors are not. The truth is…

BOTH types are creative. The difference is that sensory types take something that already exists, and they tweak it and adjust it to make it better, to make it more efficient. Intuitive types prefer to come up with a brand-new idea and base their creative endeavors in theory and ideas. Sensory types base their creative endeavors in fact and existing creations. Sensors love details and are annoyed by the big picture without the facts, intuitives love the big picture and are annoyed by the details without the vision.

Which one are you? Let me know in the comments. Remember, there is NO right or wrong type. It is a preference indicator and helps people to understand how you perceive the world. It is NOT indicative of the type of person you are (i.e. good versus evil). Also, let me know if you are interested in hearing more about the differences in type, and what questions you have. I am here for you!



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One thought on “Sensors versus Intuitives

  1. This is super helpful. I appreciate the simplicity of this explanation. I love learning about MBTI and still struggle to understand some terminology so I hope to learn more from you.


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