Being Vulnerable

This week I want to share about being vulnerable. It is something I struggle with, and from what I have heard, it sounds like there are others out there who struggle with the same.

I have learned the hard way that sometimes just saying what is on your mind is actually a win-win for everyone. When something happens that I feel betrayed by (this can be anything – even something I feel is tiny), my instant reaction is to spiral into anger and frustration. It takes courage to speak your mind and tell someone how you are feeling. For me, it takes a bit of mental preparation, but I have found that speaking my mind is a great way to connect and even feel closer in my closest relationships. So why not try it? Bring something up that has been weighing heavily on your mind lately. To be clear, the approach you use does matter. Attacking someone is not a way to get your point across. Well it is, but it usually isn’t effective. Here are some ideas to start the flow of conversation:

  • Ask the person about the subject first, and really hear them out
  • Start with explaining that you’d like to talk about something on your mind, but just be completely honest. Say, “I’d like to be vulnerable with you & so I am sharing…”
  • You can even start by affirming them first. “You are a really great listener and I appreciate you for that.”

I also really recommend the book by Brené Brown, The Gifts of Imperfection:

Have a fantastic Sunday, readers.



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