Unpacking Emotions

There is so much going on in the world, that sometimes we forget to take care of ourselves. Turmoil brings up all sorts of emotions, and a lot of times we can’t put a finger on where the emotion is coming from and what it is trying to tell us. I woke up inextricably sad this morning, and I didn’t have a clue about the depths of where the sadness was coming from. It was deeply buried in my subconscious mind. A good friend of mine reminded me that journaling was a great way to “dig up” where these emotions were coming from. I found so much to unpack in my subconscious, that I quickly almost wanted to throw it all back in. 😊

But I won’t, and I think I can pick one thing to work on and make better, (notice I did not use the word perfect, since no one is), and continue to work towards the empowered version of myself.

So try it out! Next time you are feeling an unidentified emotion, start asking yourself, and most importantly write or type your answers:

  1. Why am I feeling this way? Also, try to locate where you feel the feeling in your body
  2. Is there disappointment, fear or anger hidden somewhere in these feelings?
  3. If I could change something, what would I change and why?
  4. Is there anything I am suppressing that I don’t realize?
  5. What would I like to learn about myself from this process?

I hope you all have a lovely Sunday and feel free to drop me a note anytime.



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