Struggling to Make an Important Decision?

I have struggled most of my life to determine what the best course of action is to take when multiple options present themselves to me. This indecisiveness comes from a number of fears, fear that I will choose the wrong option, fear that I can’t back out once I have chosen, fear that making a certain choice will undermine someone else, fear of what the future may hold.

But the consequences of not acting can sometimes be far greater than making a decision and sticking with it. There is no easy answer here, but there are some ways you can start to hone in on your “gut instinct” and move forward choosing the decision that is best for you. The second part of the trick is to not second guess yourself and let go of the other options once you have chosen. I am going to focus on the first part now and give you a few ideas to work on connecting yourself to your true intuition. Like I said, it’s not necessarily easy, and it may take time for the answer to come to you. But trust that it will.

  • Ask your intuition every night before bed to help you answer the question. A lot of inspiration can come to you in the form of dreams (which then may need to be interpreted)
  • Journaling – asking yourself the question and then free writing can lead to a creative opening that will answer your question
  • Meditating & again, asking yourself the question you need help with

Connecting with your intuition will be the best thing you have ever done! Give it time, but put some effort into it, and you will see results.



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