5 Strengths Finder

Have you ever wondered what roles you are best suited for? What work and what your purpose in life is? I found the strengths finder website through work of all places, but I found it to be very enlightening.

My first strength is spirituality, which shocked me at first, but now it makes a lot of sense. I find myself searching for a higher purpose, almost more than I do anything else. I study and find all religion fascinating and, recently, I have been studying shamanism and find it to align very deeply with what I feel is real and true. However, I do consider myself more spiritual than religious.

My second strength is love of learning which makes so much sense. I have hundreds of books, and hundreds more on a list to read because I want all the information. I take new classes pretty much monthly. It almost seems impossible to read, learn and obtain all of it, but the love I have for learning is something I feel that I should use going forward in life. I don’t feel consistently happy without learning, but of course, only learning things I am truly interested in.

My third strength is forgiveness, which means I typically give people second, third and even fourth chances, as well as not being very vengeful, and I let things go easily. I don’t take things so seriously, and I recognize that most people are just trying their best.

My fourth strength is perspective, meaning I am able to see things from all perspectives, and am able to provide counsel to others with solutions they might not have otherwise been able to see.

My fifth strength is appreciation of beauty and excellence, which means that I can see the beauty in most all situations, as well as in art, performances, etc. It’s probably why I love Broadway so much!

It is my belief that these five strengths culminate into the love of helping people and making a difference in people’s worlds and lives. I truly hope to do more of that in the near future and my life seems to be streamlining fast in that direction. I think that this strength’s finder test really does help find your purpose. Give it a shot and let me know what you find out about yourself! Link below to take the free survey.




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