Extroverted Feeling

Hello, my fellow Fe users! 

I had a realization about Fe that makes so much sense, it felt visceral when I thought about it. When making new relationships with others, I tend to “go with the flow” when something arises because I genuinely don’t mind making an exception for someone when it allows me to “keep the peace”. The trouble is, usually, people display similar behaviors consistently, and when we start getting annoyed with the behavior, we beat ourselves up (internally) feeling that we shouldn’t be annoyed because we really still want to keep the peace. The problem with not setting those expectations from the get-go is that that person will constantly expect you to react the same way you always have, and become confused when it appears that the behavior starts to bother you. They might even accuse you of changing, or “not being the person they first met”. 

Any extroverted feeling users relate?? 

How do you set initial boundaries when you really don’t know whether a behavior will bother you in the future or not? 

And you are actually happy to go along with it to keep the peace? 

What happens when you realize you aren’t actually okay with the behavior? 

Feel free to write to me to let me know your thoughts or comment on this post!


One thought on “Extroverted Feeling

  1. I have learned in my business that something always arises that enables you to stop doing it. Maybe you raise prices or no longer have somebody who can accommodate or you take a trip out of town and let them down or whatever. It’s the reliability factor. They get accustomed to it and rely on it and expect it. Look for things that can allow you to break that reliability as if it’s something beyond your control that’s causing you to do it, and let them know you are sorry you can’t be there for them. Generally if they go away it’s for everybody’s benefit anyway.


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