Tips for INFJs During the Holidays

INFJs can get burnt out during the holidays. As naturally quiet people, most INFJs tend to be empathetic and sensitive as well. This can cause people with the INFJ preference to get burnt out quite easily during the holidays, especially if they have large families and have many social obligations. 

As an INFJ myself, I enjoy the Christmas spirit and giving gifts. However, I moved to California, and I stay here during Christmas. It’s a self-care tactic, because the burnout conundrum for INFJs during the holidays is real. If you do have to be around a ton of family and navigate several social situations during the holidays, take a look at these tips: 

  • Find a place wherever you are that you can get a few seconds of silence and meditate there 
  • Bring a small notebook, if you find yourself in a group of people and getting drained, start thinking of your next creative project and make yourself some notes 
  • Read a book on your Kindle phone app 
  • Do a small yoga practice in the morning before leaving to go anywhere, or in your room if you are staying with family 
  • Tell people when you need a break; it doesn’t have to be confrontational 
  • Offer to help in the kitchen – it’s typically mindless and you can connect with people over where all the dishes go 
  • Find the pets! And give them a snuggle or scratch 
  • For gift giving: find a fun gift that is universal, and buy one for everyone on your list (this year we did Christmas colored hot chocolate bombs – so fun and we can give them to everyone!) 

Feel free to comment below if you have other tips for INFJs! 

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