Living in the Past or Future

I’ve been doing A Course in Miracles, and started in on lesson eight today. Most of these concepts are ones I already apply to most of my thoughts and everyday life, but they are great reminders to pay attention to that pesky narrative that your thinking mind tries to impose on you. Today’s lesson is to think about how your thoughts are actually past thoughts. What I am interpreting the book to mean is that everything your thinking mind can think of, is something you have already seen, done, or created a neural pathway for in your brain for. You can project the future (or I like to call it “future project”), but the projection will be limited to anything you have already known in the past because you can’t predict something you have never experienced before. 

As an INFJ, and using introverted intuition as my hero function, I naturally future project, so this lesson really resonates with me. It’s a great reminder to be here now, in the present, and the lesson mentions that this means that your mind should be a blank slate when you are actually in the present. If you are fully living in the present, you cannot be truly thinking of anything else. Additionally, the past isn’t the current moment and when thinking about the past, you aren’t actually visually seeing the past. So, what you are thinking about doesn’t currently exist. Therefore, the only way to live is in the present. 

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